Evidence-Based Treatment Program

One of the many qualities that make Cliffside Malibu Outpatient Services unique is the Stages of Change model we use to treat addiction. Have you felt as if your motivation to be sober has been strong one day and weaker the next? Have life events caused you to relapse and you just can’t figure out what happened? In the stages of change model of treatment, it is understood that you are in a different stage of change depending on a number of factors. We can work with you no matter what stage you are in. We understand that a motivation for change shifts within each individual and we are trained to assess that and provide unique interventions that match with your stage of change.

You may move between the stages of change throughout your life, while experiencing successes and setbacks, but our goal is to move you through each step to live a sober, successful life, driven by the healthiest self you can present to the world and your loved ones.

For example, some days you may be feeling very motivated in your sobriety, i.e. gathering outside sober support, applying for a job, talking to your family to repair past hurts. But other days you may have a difficult time believing you can remain sober. We explore those thoughts, behaviors, and feelings, as well as your current stage of change, and we help you take steps forward to create meaning and motivation in your life.

Get Back Your Life Today

As a beloved member of our Cliffside Malibu Outpatient Services program, you will engage in daily group therapy led by world class therapists and drug and alcohol counselors. We have facilitators that excel in experiential group therapy, art therapy, music therapy, relapse prevention, meditation, mindfulness-based practices as well as cognitive behavioral therapy, psycho-education, family sculpting and activity based community building skill work.

Outside of treatment, we embrace all the different ways you would like to find your community. Whether that is Smart Recovery, 12 step, Refuge Recovery, or Church; we have a team that can educate you about them all so you can make your own choice and practice in the community while in treatment.

Group therapy sessions are held daily from 9 am to 9 pm with three different time frames for your convenience. It is important to us that you have the convenience of individualizing your schedule and choosing what works with your needs. Being an active participant in the group will help you build a strong relapse prevention plan, social skills, assertive communication, and engage you in a therapeutic process to target underlying issues that currently drive your addictive behaviors. We help guide you and provide the stage for meaningful change.

Our group facilitators are licensed Marriage and Family therapists, psychologists, and drug and alcohol counselors. Each one of these perspectives brings you VAST knowledge and multiple ways of looking at your addiction and your sobriety.

You will have an individual therapist and a personal case manager that you meet with weekly. First, we assess together what your goals are and then we co-create a treatment plan individualized to you. First, we want you to dig in and gather self-knowledge. Then we want you to branch out and practice a life of sobriety with a treatment team to support the practice.

Cliffside Malibu Outpatient Services is conveniently located and offers:

  • Daytime and evening programs
  • Ambulatory withdrawal management, or “medical detox”
  • Partial Hospitalization Program
  • Intensive Outpatient Program
  • Outpatient Treatment
  • Detox Services
  • Personalized, focused programs to keep you sober